Rug up your home this winter

Autumn is well and truly here and those winter months are just around the corner, so I thought I would entice you with some of my favourite rugs available on the market at the moment. I'm sure these will get your inspirational home ideas[...]

Cubby House Goals!!!!

I'm Back!!! I had a little break from blogging to focus my spare time on my pelvic rehab and college. Yep you read that correctly!...I've been completing my certificate 4 in interior decoration. Im almost half way through already, and i'[...]

My expensive looking Ikea cabinet

So I was sick and tired of the oldĀ  TV unit we had in the living room. It was my dads old cabinet and it was only meant to stay in the house until our renovations happened. Those renovations are now two years late but still happening so I[...]

Living with Chronic Pelvic pain.

I think it's fair to say that my pelvic injuries have well and truly entered a chronic phase. At first the word 'Chronic' scared me, but now I've adapted to my situation and have setup some strategies to cope and live my life as pain free a[...]